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Name:Dr. Ten
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A Wee Disclaimer: This community is dedicated to the work of the Japanese artist and manga-ka known as Dr. Ten. Dr. Ten writes comics that fall in but are not limited to the genres of yaoi, fantasy, science fiction, horror and comedy. All situations depicted herein are fictional – names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of Dr. Ten's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental, as are all fan-fan-fiction, fan-art and other fan-creations derived therefrom. If rash, irritation, redness, or swelling develops, discontinue reading. This community contains material of an adult nature - and by "adult," we mean all that NC-17 stuff, including (but not limited to): boy-boy smexors (yaoi), girl-girl smexors, girl-boy smex, boy-girl smex, smex between demons that have accidentally turned themselves into rabbits, cross-dressing ninjas, stuffed animals smoking cigarettes, etc. etc. This community is for entertainment purposes only. No stuffed animals, catboys, demons or ninjas were harmed in any way.

You must be 18 years of age (or older) to join! If you're discovered to be under age, you'll be banninated. That's in compliance with Dreamwidth's policy. As such, this comm will have closed, moderated membership. Still interested? Then go here to join. ^_^

you want one of these buttons?pretty neat, huh?I had to fight off three incubii to get these.It wasn"t easy, believe me.
no incubii were harmed in the acquisition of these wee buttons.if you can"t be a Tokyo Savage, be a Savage supporter.I can"t say the same about the ninja; I may have hurt one or two of them."s hard coming up with alt text, yo.clickety clickety click!Huzzah!!


♥ All entries are to be friends-locked (I've rigged it so that all entries will be f-locked automatically, but no unlockage, please);
♥ Please put ALL pictures behind an cut. We're going to operate under the assumption that all pictures will NOT be worksafe;
♥ Discussions, questions and debates are welcome, but all posts must relate to Dr. Ten and/or her work in some way;
♥ Icons, mood themes, wallpapers, fanart, graphics, fanfiction, are also happily welcomed;
♥ Don't be an asshat. Dr. Ten people tend to be cool people, but asshattery lurks everywhere. Just be cool, m'kay? ^_^
♥ Thou shalt not crosspost thy entries or comments to Facebook or Twitter.

From the other Mod, Ookami:
YOU are responsible for your own Content.
-- But if we don't like it, we're pulling it. We will not abide hateful or hurtful anything -- or anyone. Never forget, we have No Mercy.

Posting of scans (either raw or scanlated):
Posting template;
♥ No more than 15 pages per day, per post, please;
♥ Use tags as much as possible;
♥ Please include the title, linkage to the scanlation group (if applicable) and warnings (nudity, etc.)

♥ Please hide posts that contain spoilers behind a cut and include a spoiler warning. I, for one, happen to dig spoilers, so, I'm not adverse to them posted. However, not everyone's like me (thank goodness). ^_~
♥ If you want to hide a spoiler in the text so that it has to be highlighted in order for it to be seen, go like this, replacing the "(" with "<" and the ")" with ">": [SPOILER (font color="#62536c")type what you want to hide(/font) /SPOILER]

I am your humble moderatrix and maintainer, gaminette. You can email me at gaminette(at)livejournal(dot)com. My evil twin, ookami_kasumi, helps mod the joint.

♥ Special thanks to blackthornblack for inspiring the name.
♥ Extra Special thanks to ookami_kasumi for the mad graphics.
♥ Extra Extra Special thanks to the lovely and talented xandria, who was the first to get hooked on Dr. Ten - and then happily spread her addiction to the rest of us.
♥ Additional thanks and praise to sal_the_baka for the awesome header.

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bishies, bl, butterflies, catboys, cats, cookies, crossdressing ninjas, demons, dr. ten, foxbois, incubii, kaoru, kitsune, kitties, konome, maid cosplay, mamoe, mamoru, mimibon, my neighbor totoro, neko-chan, nekomimi, onmyoji, pr0n, rabbits, semes, shino, shinohara, shinome, shota, sounding, tomoe, ukes, yaoi
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